My name is Parima. I am a professional problem solver and creative coder.

That means I refine strategies, design products, build teams, code things, and most importantly get s*** done.

I’ve been doing this for seven years now.

I attended the University of California, Berkeley and the University of California, San Diego, graduating with a dual degree in Computer Science and Cognitive Science with a minor in Computation. I joined a boutique software consultancy (specializing in IoT projects) based out of Encinitas called Room 5. From there, I joined the IoT consulting team at Ciklum.

I left Ciklum in 2017 and have been freelancing, traveling, and yoga-ing since.

Through my experiences, I’ve learnt:

User Experience always comes first.

Helping your users, helps you. Sweat the details.

Thinking before Typing

I believe in thinking through problems (understanding the requirements and specifications), designing a solution and then writing functional code. I’m a fan of Test Driven Development (TTD) in Agile environments.

Develop pragmatic code

While I’m addicted to DRY code, I understand the need to adapt fast and refactor. Write clean code that works. Period.

And although, I love to code, I’ve worked with teams to do other stuff too:

Project Management

The world of SCRUM and Gerrit Charts. I’ve managed international teams based in Europe/Asia (Hybrid Model) to get work done for my clients. I’ve also managed and mentored my junior colleagues on various projects.


With my CogSci background, I’ve conducted UX research and designed interfaces. Plus, I’ve got photoshop skillz. Check out my dribbble.


I’ve written plenty of case studies and whitepapers in my career. As I’ve been in the consulting industry, technical pre-sales with potential clients and writing SOWs is a routine thing.


My very first job was tutoring and over the years I’ve refined my teaching approach. Most recently, I’ve been volunteering and teaching rural children in India how to think like an engineer.